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At Rainbow Bodyshops in Slough, Farnborough & Reading, we manage our large collision insurance-approved repairs, as part of the Rainbow Group. We pride ourselves on offering you a professional (manufacturer approved and BS 10125:2014+A1:2016 accredited) and comprehensive service, with a very high level of friendly customer care.

Our manufacturer approvals mean a lot to us and to our customers, because they set and maintain the standards that we meet in every aspect of every job – and make them visible to all parties. In practicality, this means that every Rainbow Bodyshop technician has to undergo regular training, that all equipment, diagnostics, tools, paints and products must be approved, and that the approved repair method must be followed throughout. These standards are checked – technicians tested, equipment calibrated – on a six- or twelve-monthly basis, as appropriate.

We are approved repairers for a wide range of cars including Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru and MG.

As well as performing the actual repair, we want to offer you as comprehensive a service as possible. Therefore, we also offer to check your wheel alignment – and to correct that, if appropriate, for a small charge. In addition, we can run a full diagnostics check on your car – and carry out any repairs that this identifies, again for a small charge, if applicable. You will enjoy driving away a fully roadworthy vehicle, as well as minimising future trips to the garage.

We also pride ourselves that our level of service matches our repair expertise. Working with many manufacturers, whose Service Levels Agreements vary on some points, we have chosen always to meet the highest standard for each criterion, across the board. We hope that you enjoy our full and friendly communication and convenience.

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