How to choose a garage to repair your car after an accident

Date: 24th September 2018
Author: Graham Henwood

How to choose a garage to repair your car after an accident

When you experience a car accident there is so much to think about including sorting out the insurance and all the paperwork, as well as potentially getting a courtesy car and dealing with medical bills – so the last thing you want to worry about is where to get the car repaired.

Now, it might well be that your insurer insists you use an approved garage from their list and this might well make your life easier as it will all be organised for you. However, check the small print as in most cases, you can say no and choose your own garage.

Clearly, if your car has been damaged you will want to get it back on the road and back to normal as quickly as possible. This might mean you prefer to take it to a garage which you know and trust.

However, the best approach is to find a garage which specialises in body repairs as this is a particular kind of skill when it comes to looking after cars. If you find one which both you and your insurer are happy with then it will be the best of both worlds.

Look for a repair specialist

Check out the service provided by your chosen garage – if you can choose a specialist like Rainbow Bodyshops – which only repairs cars and doesn’t offer things like routine MOTs and services, then you will know your car is in expert hands.

Look for a garage which offers a professional and accredited service and ask to see their accreditations before you book your car in for repairs. Also, ask if they can offer you a courtesy car if your insurance doesn’t cover this.

Keep your insurer in the loop

If you do choose your own garage to use after an accident, your insurer might want to inspect them if they are not an approved supplier so you will need to negotiate this with the garage before you book your car in, to make sure they are happy with this approach.

The insurer will need to check the garage’s prices to make sure the bill is not going to be higher than their approved suppliers could offer so always be upfront and open with your insurer before getting any work done on your damaged car.

Make sure your car is repaired professionally

The most important thing is to choose a good quality professional garage which specialises in car repair work so that you can be confident that your car is fully roadworthy and safe to drive when you get it back.

If you have a car which needs repairing please do contact us at Rainbow Bodyshops and one of our vehicle experts will be happy to talk through all of our services with you to see if we can help.