How to keep your car bodywork pristine over the winter

Date: 16th October 2018
Author: Graham Henwood

How to keep your car bodywork pristine over the winter

The winter brings on a whole range of potential problems for your car’s bodywork, from rain and cold affecting the paint and causing rust, to the salt from gritting lorries harming the underside of your car.

The winter really is the time when your car faces a battering from the elements as well as picking up debris and dirt from wet and muddy roads, so the bodywork needs extra attention to keep your car in pristine condition.

Here are a few tips and ideas for keeping your car bodywork pristine:

1. Realise that road salt is bad for your car

In the winter it’s more important than ever to wash your car regularly, even though you may not feel like it in the cold rainy weather. Take your car along to a professional hand washing garage to ensure the underside of the vehicle is washed to remove salt debris.

A high pressure hose is needed to wash a car undercarriage effectively so if you can’t have it done at a car wash then you need to do it yourself. You should get the car washed as frequently as possible in the winter.

2. Protect your car’s paintwork

The body work can be better protected against the elements by keeping your car waxed and sealed throughout the winter. Ideally you need to use a synthetic waxing product and a sealant designed to protect against winter impact.

A high quality sealant will help to protect your car against the impact of road salt and water and should last throughout the winter.

Wax doesn’t work as well in colder temperatures but it still protects better than using nothing at all so it should be a regular part of your car body work maintenance. You can try using a detailer spray.

3. Don’t forget the rest of the car exterior

It’s not just the paint work you need to protect against the cold weather and winter issues. Other elements of the bodywork including the door seals, trims and your bumpers also need support in the cold.

These elements can suffer from hardening, cracking and fading during the winter months. If they are properly maintained and cared for it will help the seals to stay intact and in shape, which protects your car from leaks.

Rubber seals and bumpers need special treatment so make sure you only use protective materials designed specifically for them.

Keeping your car regularly cleaned, using protective wax and sealant and ensuring all rubber features are cared for will go a long way to keeping your car’s bodywork pristine during the winter months.

However, if you need any help with bodywork repairs due to winter damage, or any advice and guidance following an accident, please do get in touch with our vehicle experts at Rainbow Bodyshop.