Five ways to show your car some love this Valentine’s season

Date: 12th February 2019
Author: Graham Henwood

Five ways to show your car some love this Valentine’s season

With the freezing weather, grit and salt to contend with and those cold starts in the mornings your car might be starting to feel somewhat unloved this winter so take advantage of Valentine’s Day to treat your motor.

Here are five things you should be doing this month to show your car some love (not to mention to help keep it in great condition and running well!):

1. Take your car down to the car wash

The winter months can cause havoc with your car’s bodywork with the mud, water, snow, grit and salt it has to contend with every day, so treat your car to a professional car wash to get rid of all that nasty dirt and debris build-up.

A professional car wash will be able to jet wash areas of your car that you are unlikely to be able to reach yourself, and their jets are far more powerful than using a garden hosepipe for lifting ground-in dirt off the body work.

2. Check your tyres

Make sure your tyres are still up to scratch for winter – you need to have a good tread depth to tackle any snow that comes our way, not to mention making sure they are always properly inflated. It’s easy to pick up a slow puncture with the debris hidden in puddles or under piles of snow.

Make sure your tyres are kept clean and if any do need replacing now is the time to get that sorted.

3. Clear out the junk

As well as cleaning the outside of your car, why not take the time to have a good clean-out of the inside – get rid of anything you don’t need to carry around and clean out any rubbish that has been left lying around. Hoovering the carpets and seats, and spraying the interior with a fresh clean scent can leave your car feeling as good as new.

Head out for a long motorway drive

If you only drive short distances around the town, with your lights and heaters on full blast in the winter, it can run down your battery so it’s a great time to head out onto the motorway and take your car out for a long drive to get all the systems working and to charge the battery up.

Plan to become a better driver

There are some common habits we all get into after driving for some time, so why not promise to love your car more by driving it better? For example, never wait until your fuel tank is on empty before filling up again, otherwise all the gunk in the bottom of the tank will end up clogging your car. Also, going slowly over speed bumps to prevent damage to the under-side of your car, not to mention braking gently and early on – sudden braking causes wear and tear on the brakes and tyres.

These five tips will help your car to feel a lot more loved this February and while you are thinking about your car, why not book it in for a Winter car check, just to make sure all the systems are running effectively and safely?

If you need any advice on keeping your car’s body work pristine this Valentines, or if you need to show your car some love by repairing those dents, please do get in touch with us at Rainbow Bodyshops.