Getting your car ready for a summer road trip

Date: 11th June 2019
Author: Graham Henwood

Getting your car ready for a summer road trip

We’re all hoping for a good dose of sunshine this summer, and with it comes the potential for some exciting road trips; days out, holidays, visiting friends and family. All with the windows down, the music up and the sun streaming through your windscreen (or something like that!). Before you set off anywhere, it’s as important in summer as it is in winter to keep your car maintenance in check and to be well prepared for a road trip.

Oil Levels

Make sure you check your oil levels and change oil regularly to keep your car happy and healthy, otherwise you risk a build up of sludge as the dirty oil is pushed around the engine too often. This is especially important ahead of a long drive, so find out when you last had it checked and book in an oil change if you need one.


Hot weather and long drives result in a high risk of engines overheating, which makes it vital that you check your coolant level regularly and keep it topped up. Having to pull over with an overheated engine on your daily commute is bad enough but imagine if you are miles from home in an area you don’t know well? It’s not worth the risk!


Tyres can get overheated too when they’re working hard on hot road surfaces, so be sure to keep an eye on your tread levels, keep tyres well inflated and in good condition, and be more vigilant if you are taking a lot of trips over the summer months.

Air Conditioning

Before you go anywhere give your air conditioning a test to make sure it’s working well - if you turn the temperature down low and aren’t getting a good icy blast within a couple of minutes it could need re-gassing. A mechanic can check and do this for you if you need them to. A heat wave and no air conditioning on a long drive is not a great combination!

Park in the shade

It’s also worth remembering that fuel can evaporate more quickly in heat, so try and park in shaded areas if you can. Your engine and tyres will fare better too with the opportunity to cool down a little more quickly on hot days.

Lots of planning goes into a good road trip but all that hard work could be undone if your car isn’t up to the journey, so make sure you spend a bit of time getting the preparation right, then it’s all systems go! If you’d like to speak to an expert about your car this summer, before a trip or for any repair needs, give our team a call and we’ll always be happy to help.