How long should I leave a dent before getting it repaired?

Date: 16th October 2019
Author: Graham Henwood

How long should I leave a dent before getting it repaired?

Whether a dent was your fault or not, it’s always frustrating to see damage on your car. It’s true that many dents can be left without affecting a car’s performance, and some people could be tempted not to fix it straight away if you don’t have to. But how long should I leave a dent before getting it repaired? Our advice is never to leave a dent in your car bodywork untreated. Here are a few reasons why.

It could get worse

Even if a dent looks minor when it first happens, leaving it over time could lead to it getting worse. Any cracks in the paintwork could get bigger, and there’s also a risk of rust developing if moisture gets to the metal underneath. These can be much greater problems to sort out in the long run.

It’s cheaper to fix early

Getting a repair done quickly means you only have to pay for the initial damage done. If you leave a dent and rust takes hold or further damage develops, it could easily become more expensive and take longer to fix, leaving you out of pocket.

It could compromise your safety

Depending on the location and severity of the dent, it could affect the overall safety of your car. Modern cars are built with structural safety systems and a dent could impact how well these work in a crash, even if you think it’s only small.

Reduced value of the vehicle

Should you come to sell your car, any damage will immediately affect its value. If the dent is a big one, you may not get much interest at all from buyers. If someone’s looking to part with their hard-earned cash for a new car, they aren’t likely to want to spend money on one that needs a repair straightaway.

Your pride!

If you care about your car and you keep it clean and running well, fixing dents quickly makes perfect sense. Driving in a car with visible damage isn’t something any of us want to do, and doesn’t make a great impression. Booking it in for repair quickly means you can get back on the road without any worries.

If you have a dent in your car bodywork you’ve been thinking of getting fixed, there’s no time like the present. Call for a quote and one of our award-winning car repair teams will be happy to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.