What to do if you have a car accident

Date: 15th July 2018
Author: Graham Henwood

Having a car accident can be a frightening and life- changing experience but if you know what to do when it happens it can help to take away some of the problems and make sure you are able to get things organised and move on. Here is a quick checklist for what to do if you have a car accident:

1. A minor incident

Stop your car straight away, turn off the engine and switch on the hazard lights. Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries as a starting point. Get out of the car and check for damage and check the people in the other vehicle (if there was one). If it’s just minor damage with no injuries then make a note and swap details with the other people involved.

2. An incident involving injury or road blockage

If the accident has injured anyone, or has blocked the road in some way then you need to call the police and an ambulance straight away to attend the scene. Always stay calm and never admit any kind of liability – leave all of that to the authorities to work out.

3. Always call the police if….

If the other driver flees the scene, refuses to give their details, is under the influence of drink or drugs or you think they did it on purpose. You need to tell the police about the accident within 24 hours.

4. Swap details

Make sure you give your name and address to everyone involved if there was damage or injury – you have to this to comply with the law. Swap insurance details with the other drivers and make a note of the details of all the witnesses. You need to know if the driver owns the car or not.

5. Take notes for yourself

Make a note of as much detail as possible in case of any kind of investigation further down the line. Write down the car details, date and time, driving conditions and details of any damage or injury. Take photos on your phone for evidence if you can.

6. Let your insurer know

You need to tell your insurer what has happened so they are aware in case of any claims from yourself or the other drivers involved. It’s important to tell them all the details, even if you are not planning to make a claim, just in case the person in the other car tries to claim against you.

7. Get your car booked in for repairs

Once your car has been safely removed from the highway and returned to you, you will need to arrange to get it repaired. The chances are it will need some bodywork repairs and some parts replacing to get it back on the road so make sure to book with a professional body repair garage such as Rainbow Bodyshops.

If you do need any help with your car following an accident, please do get in touch with us at Rainbow Bodyshops to see how we can help.