Nissan Terrano: Front Bumper Repair


We were asked to repair the damaged front bumper on a 2000 Nissan Terrano. A replacement bumper was no longer available from the manufacturer due to the age and rarity of the vehicle, and other repairers had told the owner that the bumper was beyond repair.


We removed the bumper, stripped it and cleaned it. We sanded the damaged edges, and then, using the latest 3M plastic repair heat stitch process, we welded the plastic back together, repeatedly refitting the bumper to confirm correct alignment.

On the cosmetic side, we applied in turn a thin coat of plastic filler/sealer and sanded it, a thin coat of polyester stopper and rubbed that down, before placing the bumper in the oven applying an even coat of primer before baking it at 55 degrees for 25 mins.

The bumper was allowed to cool, rubbed down, cleaned and placed in the oven for degreasing. We applied the coat colour and flashed off the lacquer, again baking to allow the paint to cure. Finally, we refitted the bumper before polishing and quality control. The end result was a perfect finish and a significant cost saving for the customer.