Complaints Policy

Rainbow Bodyshops aim at excelling in customer service and quality of repairs at all times, but sometimes things do go wrong and we aim to resolve any issues in the shortest time possible. Our customers are the most important indicator of the service we provide and this is why we like to listen and respond to them.

Our Aims:

  • We aim to contact every customer within 48 hours of the vehicle leaving site after completion to ensure everything was to their expectations
  • Any complaints made will be dealt with and closed promptly and politely by the Manager
  • We will apologise for all mistakes made by us
  • We treat every complaint very seriously
  • To learn from our mistake and aim not to make the same mistake twice

The Procedure:

  • If you are dissatisfied in anyway then please contact the Manager or Customer Services Manager, either via phone, email or in person
  • You will receive an initial response within 24hrs to discuss a resolution
  • Subject to the nature of the complaint we will aim to have an investigation and an action plan in place within 5 working days
  • The complaint will be closed off within a given timescale
  • A follow up call to ensure the customer was happy with the outcome

As a group of companies we take all complaints very seriously. If you have any other concerns that are not quality or service related, please ask to speak to the Bodyshop Manager or write to us at the address below.

Andy Walters
Group Director

We sincerely hope that you never have cause to complain, but if you do, then we really do want to hear your views. Firstly to put things right for you personally, and secondly to ensure that the same problem cannot occur again. Thank you for your time.

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