Key People

Graham Henwood

Group Compliance Manager (Rainbow Bodyshop Group)

Graham is Group Compliance Manager at Rainbow Bodyshops, with responsibility for ensuring that all sites are compliant with the standards necessary for Manufacturer Approvals, Work Provider Contracts and British Standards BS 10125:2014+A1:2016.

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Nick Mellett

Assistant Manager, Rainbow Bodyshops (Farnborough)

Nick is Office/Customer Service Manager at Rainbow Farnborough, carrying responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the Customer Reception and the Customer Facing Team.

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Simon Newell

General Manager, Rainbow Bodyshops (Slough)

Having previously worked on the shop floor as a Panel Technician, Simon then moved into the management side of the operation, firstly running the Rainbow Slough site, before moving on to our Mercedes Benz approved Rainbow Prestige facility.

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Matthew Harrington

Site Manager, Rainbow Bodyshops (Farnborough)

Matthew has been with the company since leaving school, and has worked his way through to a management role, having worked in various departments, such as Driving and Valeting, and as a Customer Service Advisor and Assistant Manager.

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Valerio Iannaccone

Site Manager, Rainbow Bodyshops (Reading)

Val is another product of the workshop floor, transitioning into Management after spending his early years as a Panel Technician.

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Neil Berryman

General Manager, Rainbow Bodyshops (Reading & Wokingham)

Rob Franklin

Assistant Manager, Rainbow Bodyshops (Reading)

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