Refit and diagnostics

The refit stage is just as important as the strip phase, as professional care is needed to ensure the integrity of the repairs.. At this point, we also run a diagnostics check to give you the opportunity to have other unconnected faults analysed and potentially repaired.

Once your car has come through the paint process, the items that were stripped from it in the preparatory stages are carefully retrieved from our secure store and refitted to your vehicle, again following the prescribed approved method.

Before and after the work of repairing your vehicle, Rainbow technicians run a diagnostic sweep to identify any further outstanding issues, which we will then offer to fix for you, should it not form part of the authorised repair, for a reasonable extra charge. Again, we use industry-approved tools, plugging into the ECU of your vehicle to gather this important information. This extra option is performed in the interests of providing you with a comprehensive service and thus a fully repaired and roadworthy vehicle.

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