The crucial paint phase has the potential to make the greatest difference to the look of your car. The colours, the quantity, the coverage and the baking all have to be exactly correct to achieve the perfect finish. Our Rainbow Prestige technicians are masters of the art.

Our specialist paint technicians naturally follow an approved repair method – Mercedes Benz’s Workshop Information System (WIS) or Escribe developed by Thatcham Research Centre. All of these conform to the BS 10125:2014+A1:2016 British Standard.

Painting is a specialist skill developed over many years, starting as an apprentice practising on spare panels and bumpers: all Rainbow Prestige paint technicians are specialists. The approved method will tell them precisely how to prepare your vehicle for this phase, the exact mix of paints needed to achieve the perfect match, together with the right quantities to use, coverage to apply and the exact oven baking time required.

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