Our technicians’ work on your vehicle’s panels lies at the heart of our repair job for you. Rainbow Prestige technicians recognise the extra care required in work of this kind which probably involves the greatest physical impact on your car.

Rainbow Prestige technicians’ work on your vehicle’s panels will always follow one of the manufacturers’ approved repair methods. These are Mercedes Benz’s Workshop Information System (WIS) and Escribe developed by Thatcham Research Centre. All of these adhere to the BS 10125:2014+A1:2016 British Standard requirements.

Following the approved repair method, Rainbow Prestige technicians know exactly which equipment, tools, products, techniques and methods to use in repairing the panels. This adherence makes sure that all equipment, tools, products and techniques used are manufacturer-approved; it means that all equipment is regularly maintained and calibrated; it ensures that every Rainbow Prestige technician is comprehensively and regularly trained and tested. And most importantly, it guarantees your complete satisfaction with the result.

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