Welcome to Rainbow Xpress. Time is money, and the last thing you needed was an accident. You want your car repaired expertly, quickly but without cutting corners. Our Xpress service – using movable booths to hugely accelerate the various repair stages – can see you back on the road within 24 hours, rather than days. All of our technicians, equipment and procedures meet approved standards. Please contact us today for more about our uniquely efficient service.



Paint is crucial to the finished look of your vehicle, and thus a vitally important part of the overall process. The best possible result is dependent on the careful matching of colours, the right amount of paint being used, the correct coverage and the careful management of the baking operation.

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Panel work is the core of what we do, naturally involving the greatest physical impact on your vehicle, and the longest duration of any individual phase, and thus the most care from everyone involved.

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Quality Control

Everyone at Rainbow Xpress takes responsibility for the quality of the work that is performed on your vehicle. A major part of our assurance of these standards is our Quality Control, which consists of a continuous set of processes from the beginning to the end of your car’s time with us.

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The proof of the quality and efficiency of our work lies in what our customers say about us. Please take a moment to browse the testimonials in this section, which will give you more in-depth information about what we do, how quickly and professionally we do it, as well as an independent perspective on our services.

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Key People

It is true that we are only as good as our people. Please browse these brief biographies of some of our key staff to glimpse their passion for fast and efficient bodyshop work and their commitment to excellence – values that underpin every aspect of what we do, and drive our customer focus.

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Contact us

We welcome you to contact us for more information about our services or to ask any questions whatsoever. Simply fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Xpress.

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How long should I leave a dent before getting it repaired?

Date: 16th October 2019
Author: Graham Henwood

How long should I leave a dent before getting it repaired?

Whether a dent was your fault or not, it’s always frustrating to see damage on your car. It’s true that many dents can be left without affecting a car’s performance, and some people could be tempted not to fix it straight away if you don’t have to. But how long should I leave a dent before getting it repaired? Our advice is never to leave a dent in your car bodywork untreated. Here are a few reasons why.

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