Even with our Xpress service, we do not cut corners in the preparation of your vehicle for repair. Our technicians will go to work, performing the stripping, storing, protecting and covering operations that safeguard your car from any accidental splashes, spillage or damage – especially the soft furnishings of the interior.

Our Xpress technicians always adhere to the approved repair method – Workshop Information System (WIS) in the case of Mercedes Benz or Thatcham Research Centre’s Escribe. These repair methods all conform to the BS 10125:2014+A1:2016 British Standard requirement.

In stripping your vehicle to prepare it for the next phase, all of our Xpress technicians follow the approved method of work. This means that every piece of equipment or tool is manufacturer-approved, and calibrated and certificated, if appropriate, at regular intervals, usually every 6 or12 months. Anything at all that is removed from your car is stored in a specific area, where it is labelled and packed, to ensure its security and safety.

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